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  • bhvwd
    Oct 23, 2006
      The simple definition is the things you love but I deny love. Some of
      the people of god have it tied to a beatific vision and therefore
      falsly identify it as a protected thought.There are no protected
      thoughts, no visions unknown. Did you think it or must you attribute
      it? Who wrote the book of love? I really think that is an important
      question but I`m not sure if it was the big bopper. But he got on the
      airplane and so did Buddy. I never met Buddy but I met Johnny Cash.
      The people who raised me came from Ky. Our twang fascinated each
      other. All that beauty and buckskinn fun over a forest that went
      evergreen to palm. We danced across it like bugs on a pond and right
      on time died when
      the frost came. I watched Eastwoods film about Iwo. I have worked on
      that one and think I have some idea of what happned. I have talked to
      veterans and the dead illude me. Then there is the illiad and it
      shimmers like an illusion in gold and glory. Symbols of triumph
      should last only as long as our children need them. Let the game
      reabsorb them and grant them rest. Reqiuescant in Pace. Bill