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  • Knott
    Sep 1, 2006
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      > This material gave me the same sort of headache that
      > Knott always does...Knott's discourse often gives me
      > a headache, so it is essentially what I take it for
      > - physical assault.

      Dear Trinidad,

      First, your twisting of the experience in order to give you an
      excuse for violent reaction is charming but is not the result of an
      external force or your heritage, it is the result of what you choose
      to experience. If you were a little more in control of your violent
      nature...you wouldn't look to exercise it so often as an easy,
      unthinking response like it will actually solve something. Like
      revolution, you are caught up in the romance of an idea, rather than
      the reality of the aftermath and consequences to action.

      Second, if you were 'forever free' as you suggest you are, you would
      not be slave to any 'headaches' brought upon by other people's ideas
      because you would be confident in your own.

      Third, it seems you are used to people rolling over when you present
      ideas because of how you present them: in unintelligablly complex
      circumlocution, amidst threats, and with authority of insistence.
      Two solutions would be: better refine your ideas when offered the
      challenge of doing so, and think them through more completely in the
      first place.

      Dr. Joyce Knott
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