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39630Re: the hypnotist and the hypnotized

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  • bhvwd
    Sep 1, 2006
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      > Mary
      >Mary, As you probably know many dentists use modified hypnotic
      techniques as treatment aids. I was trained by the Ethical
      Hypnosis Treatment Center headed by the former stage hypnotist
      Harry Aarens. The old man really had his act togeather and presented
      a comprehensive program that stressed the power inherant in trans
      states and the responsibility the operator has to his charges while
      they are in trans states.
      Harry had done all the magic shows and had formed his organisation
      to try to lift trans power to an ethical plain. He still retained
      the mesmer stage flair. He held that you could not be hypnotised
      against your will but there was a catch. You might not know you
      were being operated.
      In the fine article you presented the author states that your
      acceptance of participation is little more than your purchase of
      admission. From there on a boxers admonition is in effect, "Protect
      yourself at all times".My associate and I were young and highly
      impressed by all the science we had mastered. We messed Harry up but
      in a gentle way that perhaps he and a few of his associates
      suspected. He personally told us he did not mind because to him our
      revolt proved we understood what we had learned.
      It seems many who find hypnosis by accicent eventually come back
      from the stage to use mesmerism for good projects. A friend who is
      a master hypnotist turned his talent to smoking cessation . He
      admits he used his self taught talents to gain sexual favors before
      he found out that was verboten. There is a big gray area there when
      the situation is viewed from the perspective of the statement,"You
      cannot rape the willing".
      The best use of the various methods seems to be in the area of mild,
      pleasant suggestion. Most phycholigists have the tool in their bag
      and often use formal inductions. I use relaxation techniques along
      with N2O and get fine results without having to resort to IV drugs.
      It is a level of light dream sleep that is sufficient for minor
      surgery when used adjunctive with local anesthetic. I guard to omit
      any post hypnotic suggestion and find most revive themselves when
      the gas is removed.
      I view the phenominon as a quiet corner of the human brain that can
      have beneficial effects in limited situations. The depth of trans
      application can be tested if you try to apply the technique without
      local anesthetic. It fails repeatedly especially if the procedure
      involves hard tissue cutting.
      Mass mesmeric hallicunation is another matter. Harry really feared
      it and yet he used it in his presentation. I watched him change to
      the strutting egotist mentioned in your article. That is when he
      caught me and my friend, sober as judges. He immedately walked off
      stage and became Harry the teacher again. It was like watching
      Hitler morph into a Mary Poppins.
      Authenticity:You think what you are. Bill
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