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39629Re: the hypnotist and the hypnotized

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  • Trinidad Cruz
    Sep 1 8:44 AM
      Very good Mary. This material gave me the same sort of headache that
      Knott always does. I can't remember at the moment, but I remember
      someone equating hypnotism with caring, i/e in order to be hypnotized
      you have to care about other human beings, or it is the caring
      mechanism that hypnotism probes. Galoff maybe? It escapes me for the
      moment. Perhaps Knott is experimenting with mass hypnotism via this
      list, posing like an internet Criss Angel. (remember the greek
      speaking inuendo) I hope so. I really do want to despise this guy. At
      times I find these strange journeys of his into intellectual
      lahlahland to feel like physical assault. If it is a skill, it carries
      with it a responsibility and consequences, in fact about the same as
      owning a gun, or at least the level of operating a motor vehicle.

      Caring is like everything else; you have to defend your right to do
      so. Knott's discourse often gives me a headache, so it is essentially
      what I take it for - physical assault. Didn't do the Timberwolves any
      good. D-Wade seemed not to need it. I dunno, maybe he was client too.
      Oh, I also remember an argument somewhere, (Pinker or one of the
      consiousness gurus?) that being able to hypnotize someone required a
      detachment not unlike the psychopath, and the hypnotist himself is
      likely to have a serious psychosomatic disorder. See what you can
      find. I think this is on the right track.


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