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39285Re: [existlist] Re: Judaism and Existentialism - Is there a fertile ground between the two?

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  • eupraxis@aol.com
    Aug 7, 2006
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      Your reply is of a piece with Daniel Pipes. Shame on you.


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      On Aug 06, 2006, at 18:30, eupraxis@... wrote:

      > Making an apparent link between The Protocols and the Mearsheimer and
      > Walt
      > piece is misleading, to say the least.
      > WS

      There is a link in attitude, having both read and heard M&W speak on
      their work. Walt made the rather unfortunate statement that "the Jews
      control foreign policy" when he might have meant the Jewish lobby --
      but I don't think such a slip is a minor thing. I also heard an
      interview on KGO (San Francisco) that included the phrase "Jewish
      Neocon documents, like Project for a New American Century." Excuse me,
      but the PNAC documents are not part of some Jewish conspiracy -- PNAC
      is its own independent stupidity.

      I listen at least twice a week (via the Internet) to very "mainstream"
      stations (KGO is the number 1 talk station in Northern California and
      KCRW, KPFA are listened to by a large number of academics -- Pacifica
      Network). The term "Neocon" is often mixed with "Jewish" and the names
      of several prominent former and current Bush advisors. I think it isn't
      an accident when I saw anti-Israel and anti-Jewish posters during the
      lead up to the Iraq war.

      When the British academic unions banned Israeli professors, the
      speeches reprinted in the Guardian were appalling. These people use
      "Jew" and "Israel" interchangeably. The country is not the same as the
      religion -- but it's a common rhetorical move. John Mearsheimer of the
      University of Chicago and Stephen Walt, the academic dean and my
      colleague at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, have made similar

      Walt has said some things that should be right up there with any other
      conspiracy theory. Mearsheimer is more reserved and much more logical
      presenter. I think the speaking styles are different, yes, but the
      energy and emphasis of Walt when speaking carry a meaning -- even if he
      honestly slipped with his phrasing.

      Mearsheimer has said he regrets the David Duke, yes that wonderful
      former-KKK leader and politician, has praised the M&W work. Not only
      Duke, but Louis Farrakhan has cited the M&W piece and public speeches
      by Walt. Mearsheimer has said this casts the research in a light he had
      not expected and even regrets.

      Then again, Walt also refuses to apologize to Dennis Ross for
      mistakenly calling him a Bush supporter and defender or the Iraq war.
      Walt's logic was, "Ross is a staunch defender of pro-Isreal actions."
      Okay, but how does that make Dennis Ross a Neocon? And since Ross
      opposed the Iraq war, and most Bush policies in the Middle East as well
      as the appointment of Bolton, I think Walt could at least correct the
      record in his writings.

      If a person says stupid things, and has a powerful academic leadership
      post, he or she should be called on it. Especially if it feeds into
      stereotypes. It's called taking responsibility.

      Hatred of Jews and Arabs, which I did mention in my posting, is a
      political tool in Europe, and increasingly in America. I think it is
      inexcusable for people to talk of Muslim immigrants as a threat or as
      Israel as the cause of most of the world's problems. Both views are
      simplifications and poisonous.

      - C. S. Wyatt
      I am what I am at this moment, not what I was and certainly not all
      that I shall be.
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