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39258Re: Cabin Death

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  • louise
    Aug 1 2:18 PM
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Trinidad Cruz" <cruzprdb@...>
      > I remember a lecture once (it may have been Davidson); along the
      > that the idea of correcting or not correcting was a matter of
      > sense for rational explanation in discourse, and that it is often
      > more irrational who take exception to it, on either end of the
      > criticism. I have no problem with your usage; if it works for you
      > is all that is required, since most of the time it is too tedious
      > me to plod through the lines of your cryptic musings; but then
      > your self-described "instinctive politeness" does beg analysis. Is
      > a British thing like the stiff lip? In any case I don't think I was
      > too far off in my comments, and neither do you. *(this last
      > conjunctive clause a republican or NSA tactic I think, or maybe I
      > it from Knott)
      > bless you my child
      > I withdraw my comments (don't know to where as yet)
      > arise Father Louise (Pittsburg 'll do)
      > tc

      Pity does not come easily to me. Please do not push me closer to
      the edge. The pretentiousness of your discourse continues to
      obstruct discussion here, in my opinion. Anyway, I'm waiting to see
      if anyone actually wants intelligent conversation of a kind that
      does not exclude a free-thinker of my type. As I said quite a long
      time ago, if I'm not wanted here, I'll leave.

      ... beyond tired
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