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39248Re: Cabin Death

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  • Trinidad Cruz
    Jul 31, 2006
      Actually Lou,

      I think the word you are attempting to find is "comprehensible", but
      what the hell, perhaps it is different in English. I'll ask Bill how
      it's spelled in Iowa. Beyond that; no one cares if you have been here
      for a thousand years, most definitely not anyone seeking an
      existentialism, or at least an understanding of the praxis. That is
      after all the actual momentary way of existentialism. It is you who
      need a clue. I get the "cross" thing, but I'm not going to type out
      the entire reference from Ryle; nor explain your penchant for role
      playing. Stick around Nick. Lou is just a bit tweedy toothed, and
      weirdly Wesleyan, as I have noted before. It's just that Spengleresque
      British superiority thing. You know the civilized kingdom longevity
      thing. Be a Mau Mau. She won't like that. She'll leave you alone and
      post glossalalia after a while. In my language she's like a mosquito.

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