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38929A pod of spinners

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  • bhvwd
    Jul 3 1:06 PM
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      I have taken to reading the list in ten to fifteen post bursts.
      Such attention gives a collage like effect which mutes some
      personal animus and sometimes helps focus the discussion.
      The spinning porpose usually jumps on a very individual stimulus
      and as he turns, turns, turns his take on the business of
      spinning,he preens his individuality. Yesterday I viewed a human
      equivalent at a huge Rod an and Custom Car Show. Twenty five
      hundred cars were shown and each and every one was a one of a kind.
      They paraded by for hours and accepted the huzzahs, howles and
      general praise of the crowd. Each had built his own concept of a
      street rod and had hand wrought or selected each custom accessory.
      A huge industrial exposition hall housed all manner of custom parts
      under the banner of The Good Guys. It seems we existentialists
      share some angst with the gear heads. Perhaps we need explain to
      our mates why we expend such time and effort in having it our way.
      Last night an author friend asked to read some existlist material.
      I put you all up to his scrutany and he seemed truly impressed by
      your depth and general writing ability. I felt like I was showing
      off my custom rod, it is seldom I can show some intellect behind
      the grimmace of toothbreaker. It is the competition that speeds
      evolution and should your spin add to the ballet you are a
      purposeful porpose. Since you all have repeatedly had your way with
      me , on this independance day, I salute you. Bill
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