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  • louise
    Jun 4, 2006
      Bill, It was less than two years ago, and I was at war with many of
      you here at existlist. Used to say that the list was unaware of its
      strongly North American identity. Now I'm more hopeful that
      existentialism will emerge from its historical and academic
      straitjackets, that yet more voices will swell our chorus, Eastern
      European, Indian, Antipodean, Oriental, African. I don't have a plan,
      beyond the basic attempt to live with integrity, nor do I exactly have
      a dream. Intuitions come and go, the old library continues to bring
      inspiration. If it were all nostalgia simply, I wouldn't have the
      heart to take the books down from the shelf. What is there to say? I
      live, therefore I post. Louise
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