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38716If rationalism was existentialism

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  • bhvwd
    Jun 4, 2006
      It would be more than two hundred years ago and prostestants would
      be at war with catholics. Intellectuals of the enlightenment would
      be at the forefront as men of letters. Protestant theologians were
      the men of moral authority. Yes this was their time but that is
      not now and I debase their authority not as an anarcist but as an
      Herman has exposed himself as a philophical outsider.
      He has called members of this group anarcists. I very personally
      reject that nomination and ask that he dismiss it from the record.
      It seems Herman wishes to use some past authority to rule as if he
      was still enrolled in the saftey of the seminary. His exposition of
      the thoughts of Kant have been interesting as history but now
      resolve themselves in some other guise. Will to power often comes
      from the past in that actual innovaters are few. Dogmatic
      prostestantism struggles for its survival and a few quixotic
      knights of the reasonable power still attempt to rule by logic.
      This , however is the home of the philosophical movement that
      replaced that epoc. We are not the rationallist, this is existlist.
      We are in the process of replacing some of what was avante gard but
      preaching from a reationalist power position will be opposed and put
      The excuse of public saftey will not be dragged out to dismiss us
      as social misfits and dangerous people. Remember, we deposed
      rationalism in a bloodless coup of ideas.I do not call you a
      criminal because you belong to a mystical organisation of faith. But
      I do oppose you as you try to approach out of uniform in an attempt
      at infiltration.
      If rationalism was existentialism you would be in charge by merit
      of working ideas and could wear your colors with integrity. We do,
      and you could too if you would end the guise and open your thinking
      to more current thinkers.
      So rationalism is not and never will be existentialism. Explaining
      to us what we are not will leave you in an undesirable situation .
      As Bob Hope use to say, "Thanks for the Memories" Bill
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