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38439Re: The boycott and the law

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  • louise
    May 1, 2006
      Exist List Moderator wrote:
      I know I am not European -- I dismiss most of their democratic
      socialism as fragile for a variety of economic and political reasons.

      You must be a highly political person, to make this kind of implicit
      identification. Today I spent mostly withindoors, reading texts (in
      the traditional sense), making notes, with some kind of continuous
      silent awareness, however fragile, such as I have probably not enjoyed
      these last seventeen years. It is a life I should end with some kind
      of imaginative suicide, harmless to passers-by (and accordingly
      invisible to them), if I ever thought to associate being a European
      with commitment to democratic socialism. How far has that phenomenon
      already destroyed so much that gives any meaning at all to the
      language which is my chief joy.

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