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38435The boycott and the law

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  • bhvwd
    May 1 12:31 PM
      Few things divide republicans as sharply as the immigration issue.
      Cheap labor tempts even the most xenophobic contractor or business
      man. The pure hate mongerers just do not want people of color in the
      country, in their neighborhood or in their daughters bedroom. For
      these bigots this argument is really not about immigration, it is
      about racism and hate. The real debate centers directly in the
      republican business base. I`m sure they would rather exploit other
      white people but there are only so many poor , ignorant whites.
      The present laws are a porous hodge podge of special interest
      rules. The benificaries are the bosses while the losers are the
      rest of us and the illegals. The politicians know illegals do not
      vote and a political can use the issue to inflame or calm as needed
      for their vote getting purposes .Most politicians treat the matter
      as a third rail issue that is best left alone except in the back
      room. Here I think that smoke filled room has a pragmatic utility
      that can actually help solve this situation. Why not just ask the
      grower or contractor what his needs are in some appropriate time
      frame? A negotiated guest worker wage base could then be set. It
      might be below what US citisens would work for but it would be a
      taxed wage paid to documented workers. We could seal our borders
      against terrorists and drugs while supplying needed labor for our
      economy. For a change we would be acting in our national interest
      rather than in the benefit of special interests.With Mexico
      slipping closer to a narco state Americans can vacation loaded
      while having their lawn mowed and roads built while they are gone.
      We should all enjoy the proceeds of empire and money and pleasure
      still have sway. Bill
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