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38195the meanings of kindness

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  • louise
    Apr 1, 2006
      Bill, Mary Jo, What can I say? That is, such lack of developed
      ideas. Let's see, there are so many distinctions crowding in to my
      treasury of the abstract. The very patterns of an existentialist
      life kept on the edge and yet mostly in safe pastures (domesticity,
      good physical health, etc.) tend to subvert the best intentions of
      my metaphors. Is there any point in a treasury filled only with
      bloodless conceptions? Maybe I'm in a nightmare movie, and haven't
      noticed yet. There's the rational, the irrational, and the non-
      rational, distinct again from the logical and its own shadow-
      selves. Seemingly unable to adapt to any society founded on the
      premise of mutual human surveillance, parents by children, teachers
      by inspectors, politicians by gossip-sheets, there really is no way
      but forward. Back to basics means the Nietzschean principle of
      turning aside, from that which does not nourish the soul, always
      honest to the uniqueness of individual existence, that is the fact
      of what we cannot share, as well as the enjoyment of what we can,
      and do. In the spoof British history book, "1066 and All That", the
      kings would often die of a surfeit of whatever-it-was, Cromwell
      also, who succumbed to baubles and the rest; and here in twenty-
      first century Blighty, we suffer from surfeit of words, images,
      regulations, and the fatigue of too many failed initiatives. None
      of this is terminal, in fact slowing-down may produce some good
      results. What feels dispiriting or even the source of despair may
      actually BE the best thing out. Such is my long dialectical
      experience, confirmed by the wandering Dane, whose writings have
      such a long way to travel. I hope. Louise