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38Re: Hi, and an Answer to Tom's question

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  • Tom
    Aug 5, 1999
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      > I read ALL the replies and one thing that bothers me
      > is that every one seems to think the little girl has
      > no brains!!!, to be quite honest with you all, may be
      > the "little girl" just tells her dad "to hell with you
      > and all the people on the train, I am out of here" !?
      > lets start from begining now;

      OK, from now on, the little girl is three year old with no amount of
      precocious development. This is the idea in my head that I had when I
      thought of the situation and should have made it more clear. She's just a
      tiny kid - knows nothing and will most likely do anything her father tells

      > @ After the "little girl" does that what does her
      > father do?

      We haven't reached that point in time. To my mind, it has no bearing on the
      ethical dilemma. If you think it does then please elaborate. How do you
      think he should behave. You're assessing the choices after all.

      > @ do the people on the train know she has made that
      > decision? :)

      The father could tell them if he so wished. Let's say that they wouldn't
      see what she did however. What relevance does this have anyway?

      > @ How fast is the train going anyway?

      Irrelevant. See most recent post in response to Charles

      > @ by the time the father grabs his "little girl",
      > and tells her "you have moral obligation to kill yourself
      > for those people, and I want you to do so" the train has
      > reached the bottom of the canyon!

      Irrelevant. The situation is contrived to allow plenty of time for the
      little girl to follow his instuctions.

      > @ if the train has sfely reached the original destination,
      > the people will go back to that point looking for the "little
      > girl" to ask her why she did not want to sacrifice herself for
      > them.

      They'll be dead if she didn't sacrifice herself. She'll be dead if she did.
      The train still goes into the canyon if the little girl presses the button
      but the passengers are saved. I didn't say how this happened - maybe the
      train detaches itself from the carriages that will stop in plenty of time.
      It won't reach its destination either way.

      > @ the father shoots his daughter and then himself so he
      > wouldn't live with the guilt for the rest of his life.

      That is a possible decision that he could make.

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