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  • louise
    Feb 5, 2006
      "Trinidad Cruz"
      It's been pretty much fine to kill anybody for a long time now,

      !!!!!!!!!``!!!!!!!!!! ####### **

      "Trinidad Cruz"
      around 6000 tears or so.


      "Trinidad Cruz"
      The question one ought to ask oneself is: "why do I want to?"

      you bet, boy, and fast

      "Trinidad Cruz"
      It comes down to choice. You kill somebody because you want to;


      "Trinidad Cruz"
      and there have been no contingencies since the invention of
      gunpowder.Killing requires motivation.It's usually pretty simple:"I
      want things my way." Trying to decide who's right or wrong is a waste
      of intellectual energy. The real question is: "why do I want to kill
      someone?" The big picture, from political nationalism, to tribal
      warfare, to love triangles, is always pragmatically weighed.It is up
      to the individual to decide: "why do I want to?" The real task is
      living with any sanity beyond the act, for it is undeniably yourself
      who launches and receives the bullet. We are a species. There are yet
      to be defined consequences in the loss of individual lives.We are not
      civilized (essentially an ideological term), only literate - and it
      may be in that, that we have become uncivilized. It is fundamentally
      a disorientation.

      don't teach me your language. don't want to know.

      $ bread, anyone??
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