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37707The exhausted/depleted state

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  • bhvwd
    Feb 3, 2006
      Friday has long been the day of decompression and I may be a knight
      of the decompression. Did a little gunsmithing and thats always a
      salve to a worried mind. Breaking rocks in the hot sun. It is a life
      sentance for us all. Just spent an hour talking with a Goldwater
      Republican right winger. It really always comes down to if I can talk
      him out of the darkest nihilisms. Today I am too damn tired so he can
      have his way with us all. He is thorougly enjoying the racism
      displayed in the Mohammed cartoon. Nothing like a little race hatred
      to warm up a temperate winter. It is strange seeing middle eastern
      people screaming for my death and walk in the other room and see the
      same sort of people waiting for me to treat them. Paronia strikes the
      depleted, if you are way down it can take you out. I am on orders from
      my Galen but he may just be using me for an experiment. Goldwater guy
      has got me in a nuke um mentality. You talk about global warming the
      overtired should recuse themselves from cosmic musings but then
      musings dont mean shit. Bill
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