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  • seriously.merry
    Jan 31, 2006
      Carl Jung was molested as a young boy by a Catholic priest*, a friend
      of his father who was a Protestant minister of the Swiss Reformed
      Church. Paul Jung and young Carl went on overnights to the priest's
      house. He admitted this to Freud in a letter. Deirdre Bair writes:

      ~ Years later, Jung told the story of how he stopped overnight in
      Naples before boarding a ship bound for the United States, of how his
      guide offered to take him to a bordello. When he declined, the guide
      offered to procure beautiful boys for him. "I'm even less interest in
      that," Jung replied, to which the ever helpful guide responded by
      offering to bring him some beautiful goats. Jung equated this
      episode* with all things Romish and popery, and with the animal
      spirit of antiquity that he believed pervaded the Catholic Church, a
      spirit he held responsible for instilling such fear that he could not
      bring himself to go to Rome. Whatever contributed to the totality of
      his reasons, Catholicism and Catholic priests induced a certain
      degree of terror throughout his life.

      * . . . the boy was ashamed of what happened, so the question remains
      whether or not he was a willing participant — up to a point or
      entirely — in what appears to have been a single encounter. ~

      Jung, a biography/by Deirdre Bair
      pg. 72
      Little, Brown and Company
      Boston, New York and London