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374RE: Digest Number 91

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  • Rajiv Pande
    Dec 1, 1999
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      Hello folks,
      For the last few days I have found your letters make interesting reading. Today there was some discussion about clones - the frightening aspects of it - by Yana [the least liked!], and Gretchyn Lenger. Frankly what's wrong in a clone? I am sure he or she would be entirely a different individual in comparison to the original. What about identical twins brought up in more or less the same atmosphere? Some of them are radically different. As a medical student I thought about the wonders of our brain. Though the anatomy is the same, the physiology is different. Each person reacts differently to a situation, unlike, say our digestive system, which produces the same kind of acids and enzymes. About the world problems - they will remain, clone or no clone - and about the food getting saved, I don't think that would be the case as we are not producing a robot, but a totally complete individual not conceived in the normal sense, but produced and grown outside the womb. I think if we do start clone production, then it should be of someone like Einstein, maybe he won't come with the theory of relativity, but come with something equally brilliant. Also Yana's letter set me thinking about a particular upbringing causing a shocked reaction to something one is not used to [which is quite true]. So this sense of right and wrong - how much of it is environmental and how much from within? This "I" we talk about - how much of it is environmental, and how much of it is natural and unique especially as something "already there". Readers, what are your views.
      Vanaja (the wife)
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