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3739RE: [existlist] Sept.11 in perspective

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  • Eduard Alf
    Oct 2, 2001

      yes, I suppose that one could get it down to a reason or two. But whatever,
      there comes a time when it is necessary to take a stand. The terrorist is
      not much different from the school yard bully. We can talk forever about
      the value of vengeance or whether we are using the term "justice" in a
      correct fashion, but at some point it has to stop. And that requires
      action. I am quite sure that Chamberlain had some very nice evenings of
      contemplation on the subject of worth while responses. However, Hitler was
      inclined to action, and the result is history.


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      Eduard, Just a few comments on the present situation: I just finished
      instructing a physician in pistol and assault rifle. A retired Army
      officer and
      friend reiterated a thought he related three times before; "There will
      be wars". A friend has always maintained that there are two reasons for
      war; "
      We will be taking your land now" , and, "My god is better than your god".
      He has
      modified the secound statement to read ,"My imaginary friend is better
      than your
      imaginary friend" For me it is one mobilization to far, today is my 55th
      birthday and for the first time in 37 years I am not draft eligible. Go
      get em,
      boys! Bill

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