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3730RE: [existlist] Sept.11 in perspective

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  • Eduard Alf
    Oct 1, 2001
      very true.

      I doubt that I would make it far in the new world. For me, violence has
      been something I see on TV. I rarely lock my door. When I go for a walk, I
      don't expect to meet up with something more than an irritated squirrel.
      Times, they are a changing.

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      From: William Harris [mailto:bhvwd@...]
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      Eduard, We will learn or we will die. For many years others have thought
      to be overly cautious about security. I have had to deal with some
      sorts and have lived with a sense of threat. Now it comes to the
      uninitiated to
      live in the dangerous world. I just walked the mall my office is in, it is
      deserted. How long the soccer moms will cower no one can tell. They are
      house plants thrown into the jungle. They have no philosophy deeper than
      local congregation and little experience to draw on. I dont pity them, in
      I must try not to laugh. A pastel world dimmed to black and white has no
      to hide behind. Ill bet the pizza delivery business is booming. Bill

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