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  • Eduard Alf
    Sep 30, 2001
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      in this particular instance where you have something like 7000 people
      killed, there is a need for clarity. This is not to suggest that action be
      done in a mindless fashion. Sure, there is a potential for more damage
      rather than less. But running this around to absurdity does not help

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      << I suppose that if someone comes over to your neighbourhood
      and kills your family, then one could go into all that nice stuff
      about causes and reasons for anger and frustration. >>

      This could happen with a madman in my country down the block
      having a bad day just as well as it could from some other type of
      confrontation. If I were to react without thinking to any of these
      potential situations, there is perhaps no reason to believe I give
      myself an advantage. If you are not reasonable, I would suggest
      you were not quite a snail and that the potential for more
      damage is greater rather than less.


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