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3712Sept.11 in perpective

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  • Jim Aiden
    Sep 29, 2001
      Some numbers for those that happen to have interest in facts.

      Ten million or so flights happen across the United States every year
      Four planes went down.
      Mayor Gulliani estimates a one billion dollar hit on New York State
      because of tax losses
      How many trillions is the annual U.S. Budget?
      The U.S. Military-Industial Complex can be measured in the trillion
      of dollars.
      Bin Lauden's (alleged mastermind) is worth an estimated 350 million.
      250 million people in the U.S. Plus maybe another billion in what
      might one call the 'West'
      A few thousand violent radical Muslim extremists (not to be confused
      or associated with a few hundred million Muslims or six billion
      Suffering caused from this one incident.
      Amnesty International Report- > http://web.amnesty.org/web/ar2001.nsf/
      Unicef -> http://www.unicef.org
      Feel free to examine the numbers (in the millions) that die
      needlessly every year.
      WTC and Pentagon... two very important places damaged and destroyed.
      Exactly how large is the U.S? How big is the world?
      Two hundred years creating protection of individual freedom from the
      government in the U.S. Constitution... achieved despite wars,
      depression, exploitation and slavery.
      A bad day (OK... 'a day that will live in infamy' if that makes Bush
      feel like Roosevelt). Let's Carnivore the Internet, wiretap the
      entire world, station fully armed military troops in airports,
      terrorize tourists at U.S. Borders that spend billions of dollars
      annually, escort commercial jetliners with F-16's because some A-RAB
      gets caught smoking in the washroom...... I could continue for a while
      but here it is in CNN's word's....

      *** Justice Department draft proposals ***
      Among the proposals U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft has drafted
      to combat terrorists:
      - Ease restrictions on wiretap and search warrant requests
      - One wire tap order could be valid nationwide
      - Allow law enforcement to seize suspected terrorists' voice mail
      with search warrant
      - Expand mandatory detention for those deemed threat to national
      - Authorize of search and surveillance in U.S. of non-Americans up to
      a year
      - Allow broader disclosure of grand jury information

      Maybe somebody gets what I'm alluding to? Perhaps a tiny tiny
      bit of an overreaction, drama and neglection of the facts?

      America's response should not have been labeled a WAR.
      Unfortunately that word politicizes and emotionally energies
      something that really should just be a high profile criminal case and
      some adjustments to anti-terrorism policies. I have more important
      things to worry then some extremist group, but if it helps
      politicians make voters forget about the dwindling economy then who
      am I to judge? To the Hawks, enjoy spending billions to kill those
      few responsible and 'protect' us and bail out companies that
      supposedly detest government spending, while millions still suffer
      every single day and our freedoms are stripped away one by one.

      In case people forget, there is a cost associated with everything
      whether the cause be just or not... Existentialism 101.

      One last FAQ.... In 2000, the total UNICEF expenditure was 1.1
      billion dollars for the ENTIRE world.

      Only another perpective


      P.S. Not judging Americans.... I'm judging people everywhere in world.
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