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36938Re: [existlist] suffering fools?

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    Dec 2, 2005
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      Certainly life is anguish and suffering, ending in death, for a great
      many people. The question that we have to ask is if life can be enjoyed
      without seeming callous towards all that is wrong in the world? Must
      you always care, every moment of every day, to be a "good" person?

      I will always spend money on friends and family before helping
      strangers thousands of miles away. We have to set limits on our caring
      and guilt or risk going insane.

      Yes, life ends the same way for everyone. Most people on this planet
      have what might be considered miserable lives. Yet, I have to wonder
      how many of these "poor" are actually more content than the richest
      investment bankers. How can I assume the poor are suffering and
      miserable? Is that assumption incorrect? And if they are content, would
      my "help" only lead them towards miserable middle-class lives?
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