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36899Re: out of context but apropos

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  • louise
    Dec 1, 2005
      > We can't control the elements, but we think we can control human
      > beings who are needlessly confused and complex.

      This might be one point of departure, Mary Jo, for civil argument,
      if that is where it must start. I admit to being often confused -
      and also to know why that is - complex, as well, yes, like every
      human life. What I don't understand are your pronouns. Reads to
      me, an individualist and liberal, like a socialistic statement in
      the political realm. Those who think they can control human beings
      are my enemies. I may not love contemporary democracy - it is such
      a sham, so cruel - but I do love freedom. Each man, each woman,
      must think for his own self. I like the sentence I just wrote,
      though grammatically it is not quite logical. It is tension I
      trust, not ease, in philosophical waters. Because I am
      existentialist. Definitely not a game, nor a gentle discipline.
      Reality is where I start. That hurts so much, it leads me into

      ... unpolitical thinker
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