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  • mer_e_jo
    Dec 1, 2005
      I wonder. What would it be like not to be so concerned about how
      others think and feel; to prefer not to be understood and defined by
      others; to allow others to be other. "I wanna find one face that
      ain't lookin' through me . . ." If we spent more time trying to fit
      into the natural scheme of things; attempting to sense our roots in
      the earth before we are absorbed by it. We can't control the
      elements, but we think we can control human beings who are needlessly
      confused and complex. Not dictating, just wondering, imagining.

      No poetic fantasy
      but a biological reality,

      a fact: I am an entity
      like bird, insect, plant

      or sea-plant cell;
      I live; I am alive;

      take care, do not know me
      deny me, do not recognise me

      shun me; for this reality
      is infectious - ecstasy.

      The Flowering of the Rod, Part 9
      Collected Poems 1912-1944
      New Directions Books
      New York, 1986

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