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36659Re: On the Nature of Words

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  • louise
    Nov 8, 2005
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      Whoever you are, I have been too kind with you, apparently. I value
      irony, humour, honour, and love, and I find none of these within
      your message below.

      I am truly sorry that you do not appreciate Iliadic dialectic. We
      live in an age in which the gullible fool is feted, rewarded, and
      flattered. Not having any appreciation yet of just who you as human
      being, and your emanation posting here, might be, I cannot tell how
      you think or whether there is any chance of our conversing. I doubt
      it [chance of conversation], but then my impression is that time-
      spans may be going to change, so if there's a few hundred years
      going, who knows???

      By the way, please do not take my posts too seriously. I am a
      Nooist. Another concept which will elude you, thankfully.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "jkneilson" <jkneilson@y...> wrote:
      > Louise: Who is K??
      > K: Apparently one who conducts inquisitions.
      > Louise: Have you read "Guilty"/"Not Guilty?" A Story of Suffering,
      > Imaginary Psychological Construction, by Frater Taciturnus, within
      > volume, 'Stages On Life's Way??
      > K: Yes, I have read it, years ago, and loved it.
      > Louise: In Frater Taciturnus' study, you will find the answers to
      > your questions, if you have any.
      > K: Now you're just teasing me, Louise. You know I have questions.
      > I've learned to avoid them in your presence, since you're
      committed to
      > Iliadic dialectic and all.
      > Cheers.
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