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36656Re: "Christian" existentialism

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  • trop_de_simones
    Nov 7, 2005

      I recognize a formerly serious Christian when I read one. You are
      obviously a more patient person than me. I normally get very angry
      with people who question my intent or credentials. It is most
      unfortunate that we are not able to scrutinize the real lives of the
      poseurs who frequent these discussion venues. My intuition never
      fails me, but I need to follow it more often, sooner. Thank you.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Trinidad Cruz" <cruzprdb@w...>

      > What I find interesting about internet discussion groups is that
      > opinion becomes what one is to most readers. I could call myself any
      > number of "ist" or "ian" words and the conclusion of most people
      > automatically be that I have no experience or understanding of any
      > other subject matter. In this case Nolan was a bit sharper than you.
      > At fourteen I was seriously considering the seminary. My experience
      > and understanding of the Christian religion has been lengthy and at
      > depth most never reach, intertwined with painful personal
      > relationships, and lifelong philosophical power struggles with
      > and institutions. That I am now completely an atheist is not without
      > implications, and not indicative of any lack of intellectual
      > discipline or experience on my part. There is America and Europe;
      > then there is the rest of the world, a different skin tone (dark), a
      > different kitchen floor (dirt), a different opportunity (starving),a
      > different necessity (revolution). Corporate Western Jesus is not
      > blind, but as a matter of fact quite efficiently racist and
      > greedy.Leaders of color in other nations should absolutely not
      > American agendas, nor cow to overtures of brotherhood from the
      > family of western wealth and power that controls this nation
      > today.Sadly, I really think that average American Christians will do
      > nothing to revolt for a change in government, and will continue to
      > allow this group to represent the American people and American
      > Christianity on the world stage, because they are still
      > racist.American Christianity is really just a "justification"
      > an avoidance of existential angst.It has now overtaken a once
      > enlightened idea and marches it mutated toward the ruin of the whole
      > world.I doubt that it can be stopped. It is clearly, scientifically,
      > now giddily aggressive, what it always was - a suicide cult.There is
      > no God to rebuild the planet: or so it was written - dominion was
      > given to man.
      > "come crucify the dread"
      > Trinidad Cruz
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