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36655Re: On the Nature of Words

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  • jkneilson
    Nov 7, 2005
      Louise: Who is K??

      K: Apparently one who conducts inquisitions.

      Louise: Have you read "Guilty"/"Not Guilty?" A Story of Suffering, An
      Imaginary Psychological Construction, by Frater Taciturnus, within the
      volume, 'Stages On Life's Way??

      K: Yes, I have read it, years ago, and loved it.

      Louise: In Frater Taciturnus' study, you will find the answers to all
      your questions, if you have any.

      K: Now you're just teasing me, Louise. You know I have questions. But
      I've learned to avoid them in your presence, since you're committed to
      Iliadic dialectic and all.

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