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36652Re: On the Nature of Words

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  • jkneilson
    Nov 7, 2005
      L [Climacus]:

      The human being who types these words knows by experience the truth
      of what Hermann writes. That is merely a biographical statement,
      not one I would expect to convince anyone of its subjective truth -
      for no one else is me. Only the truth that edifies is truth for
      you. So said my sweet lover Soren. [I am Regine].

      "Subjectivists" are welcome to believe whatever they want. But if they
      want to convince others of their "truth," they'll need to go
      beyond "true for me" statements. This is an elementary point. If I
      tried to convince you that Kierkegaard actually hated Regine, I'd be
      off to a bad start indeed by saying it's true because it's "true for
      me," or that it's true because I find it "edifying." [I am K]
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