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36618Re: Nietzsche (On Metaphysical Judgments)

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  • jkneilson
    Nov 1, 2005
      > Louise:
      > The distinction I make is between the art-of-living as something
      > do, hour by hour, whether in spontaneous mode or with forethought,
      > which carries with it long refinement of thought and instinct (if
      > one is serious existentialist), and, on the other hand, the theory-
      > of-the-art-of-living, which examines the accuracy of the
      > carried within that process. >

      Hi L, I don't know what a Nooist is, but I'm pleased to meet you. I
      go by neither Martin nor Fyodor. On group lists, I go by K, short
      for my real name. I too am committed to argument, in Socratic
      fashion. I'm new to the group. Instead of lurking, I posted a
      question about Nietzsche, aiming to discover the lay of the land.
      Your distinction between the art-of-living and the theory-of-the-art-
      of-living is clearer to me now. Still, I don't see how it
      contributes to soul torture. Perhaps you mean that the process of
      examining the assumptions of our life is exacting, onerous, painful -
      or that such reflection leads to the discovery of something
      ("ontological categories?") that is painful. But I'm just guessing
      here. Cheers, K
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