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36609Re: Nietzsche (On Metaphysical Judgments)

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  • jkneilson
    Oct 31, 2005
      > Now I'm really curious, Martin. If the inquisition is over,
      > you can begin to explain to me what this is all about. Frankly,
      > though, I doubt that you and I would be able to come to an agreed
      > definition of the word, 'soul'. Louise

      What is this all about? A quick history:

      1. I posted a question about Nietzsche's dictum that grand
      metaphysical judgments express attitudes, not facts.

      2. You replied that I implicitly raised the question about
      terminology, adding that the term "symptom" implies causality.

      3. You added that I failed to notice (2) because I was concerned
      about the "ontical," not the "ontological," and that there's a
      dichotomy between "the art of living" and the "theory of living."

      4. I said that I've read Heidegger and that it was an unpleasant

      5. This statement rankled you.

      6. Referring to the dichotomy in (3), you said, "You and I must
      separate, methinks. It is not a distinction which helps me
      ontically. On the contrary, it has contributed to the torture of my

      7. Torture, I'm familiar with this, the pain and suffering that's
      unique to being human. But what's not familiar to me is the idea
      that the art-of-living / theory-of-living distinction contributes to
      the torture of one's soul.

      8. So I asked how it contributes to your torture.

      9. But you identified me with the Grand Inquisitor and said it was
      quite impossible to speak about torture to someone who didn't enjoy
      reading Heidegger.

      Pause. Deep breath. And now we're up to speed.

      While it's true that I greatly prefer Kierkegaard and Nietzsche -
      even Quine! - over Heidegger, my original question remains: Why /
      how does the distinction discussed in (3) and (6) contribute to the
      torture of your soul? I'll accept any definition of soul for the
      sake of better understanding your point.


      P.S. The Grand Inquisitor has a plain way of speaking and was after
      all quite correct about the Christian church. Literary references
      don't offend me, especially complimentary ones.
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