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36257RE: [existlist] Re: And She Who Was Second Shall be First

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  • Jeffrey Tate
    Sep 14 10:15 AM

      Is this folklore subject to critical thinking? Evaluation and
      adjustment? Or is it--like reading horoscopes--simply a passing on of
      information without critical evaluation?

      I admit that my impression of folklore--like the belief in witches of
      the Azande--is not much subject to critical reappraisal. But I'm not
      very knowledgable about folklore, either.


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      > In each of these subtypes of lifeworlds--the objective, the social,
      > subjective--what passes for "knowledge" is what experts in
      > non-coercive discussions ("communicative action" per Habermas) agree
      > upon. Science is no different in this respect. It isn't a better or
      > higher form of knowledge. Science is just easier to agree upon because
      > it limits itself to the objective world.

      > Progress in knowledge is real. Within each lifeworld subtype, more and
      > more information is integrated and agreed upon (paradigm shifts don't
      > always throw out the baby with the bathwater--and the bathwater is
      > better understood with each advance).

      > Philosophy at its best synthesizes (incomplete) knowledge from all
      > subtypes of the lifeworld into an overall understanding of human
      > existence.

      contrary to someone's put-down of "ethnography" and "memetics," at its
      best folk psychology and philosophy (often combined) also use knowledge
      from all three subtypes of the lifeworld. the latvian term for folklore

      and ethnography is "life knowledge" (dziiveszinja). the concept is
      dynamic and ongoing in contrast to how ethnography, folklore, or
      is often perceived (usually by outsiders). obviously there is a richer
      folk psychology and philosophy if there is also a full range of social
      diversity with broader educational opportunities.


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