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  • thedarkbackward
    Sep 8, 2005

      Thanks for this.

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      "Now biology has become part of popular culture."

      Biology may have become a part of popular culture, but popular culture is
      not a part serious biology. Just because someone stupid is aware of some
      facts from someone smart doesn't mean that the smart person is responsible
      for the stupidity.The stupid guy is still responsible for the stupid way he
      assimilates the facts.(wow, sounds like Bob)

      "Science, without doubt, is a crude, pragmatic, but effective way to
      understand the world."

      Serious science is not pragmatic in method. In fact pragmatism is a decision
      making process that requires only beliefs, facts to it are accidental but
      actually unnecessary artifacts.This whole assessment is a popular culture
      influenced cry baby crock.Science is the only way to "understand" the world
      at all. Formulating beliefs about the world allows you to get through the
      day and socialize yourself to existence, but the only thing that allows for
      any "understanding" is the fact in evidence.Here's an idea "literary angst"
      - (def.)the emotional need to say or write something just to prove something
      you believe is true is actually true.Believe as hard as you like, truth is
      dependent on fact and only evolves with facts, but then there's that popular
      culture idea of truth. Language with nothing to do is too aristocratic to be
      real.There you have it.

      "Who'll stop the rain?"

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