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  • Bob Keyes
    Aug 21, 2005
      Great Post..
      Bob... ( No time to comment but good)..

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      > So what I'm saying is that, if I were spiritually robust
      > enough, I would be wearing sackcloth and ashes right now. Sick at
      > what my country is a party to.
      > Bob. True, If you realize there not much you can do about it, why

      Why not wear sackcloth and ashes once you realize there is not much
      you can do about it :-). Equally, why not be sick at what your
      country is a party to? Bob: Is there some non-equivalence between the
      absurdity of *being sick,* and being *sickened by politics*? Sounds
      like a good dose of nausea all around. Each to their sickness; no?

      > Mass carnage and mass distraction, the standard material of our
      > information outlets, it is all an almost incredible aberration.
      Don't be so critical
      > of the Normal (average) when you seem to wish you were one of them.

      Again, the pot calling the kettle black perhaps. Still:

      [LOL]> Bob... Sucks when nobody likes your type of TV Show,

      thought this pithy/witty/insightful.
      > Until that is felt, and believed, useful revolution as opposed to
      > coffee-shop debates is unlikely to occur. And I for one cannot
      > think of a single twentieth century revolution I could
      > call 'useful'. Reading, thinking, waiting, dancing. I don't know
      > what else there is to do.
      > Bob... Soceity(even the world) Happens to be relatively Stable,
      > the past.

      And is *stability* always necessarily a *good*? Prior to the invasion
      of Iraq, life was probably fairly stable for most people. Don't think
      so now. More stable for Londoners? Or Sydneysiders? Or Romans? Sabre
      rattling continues across the Taiwan Straits. Iran's detente and
      N.Korea's brinkmanship etc.

      Bob, you did qualify your statement: *relative* stability, and I
      agree. Shame Burma and Zimbabwe can't quickly be brought under the
      heel of the NWO.

      Actually, social control in most jurisdictions is partially (though
      importantly) obtained by ensuring a omnipresent degree of social
      anxiety. The slaves can never be allowed to get *too* happy.
      Otherwise, they might not turn up for work on Monday :-).

      My guess is that most of the slaves implicitly thrive on the angst
      and anxiety their b/w morning prayer and electronic information
      outlets purvey. Anything less and the thin, taut existential salve
      of "If only...," via which most of us immunize our lives from the
      terror of liberating self-responsibility, would snap.

      Put simply, without pervasive anxiety, without fear - many of us
      wouldn't cope very well at all.

      Without wanting to sound too much like a rehash of R.E.M/Billy Joel:

      Cold War/Club of Rome/DDT/Global warming/HIV/OBL/Middle East/Bird
      flu/GWB/Tony Blair/Dick Cheney/interest rates/oil prices/aesteroids
      from outta space...

      Fear. Don't you love it. If you can't see through the bullshit, then
      the best you can probably do is acquire a taste for it.



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