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  • Bob Keyes
    Aug 21, 2005
      Bob.. Some comments Below...

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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "louise" <hecubatoher@y...> wrote:

      "that's a very parochial reply."

      I must be bored this morning, or perhaps it is because this is the
      first morning in several weeks that I have arisen to face the day on
      more than three hours sleep. If I am "parochial"; in comparison one
      could only define you as "hyper-super-duper-extra-parochial".

      Bob.. You are out there Louise admit it. As far as analyzing reality, tc
      closer to most in my view. (I am bias due to similar assumptions).

      In a
      sense such hyperbole would make the word meaningless in normal usage.I
      realize you fancy yourself as poetic, and on such grounds would
      dismiss yourself from sensible responsibility in ordinary discourse,

      Bob... tc gets an A for Humor ane an A for Poetic ness here.(not sure if
      that is a word- laying new groundwork for meaning, it has to start

      but there is a rather serpentine nasty turn to every comment you make
      here, depending of course on one's perspective and life experience.
      That indeed characterizes nearly everything you write here as
      parochial. There is no contributor on this list more political than
      you. Unfortunately Louise you are neither iconoclastic nor
      cosmopolitan in any real sense of the words so you come off most often
      here as a vapid and cruel mixer.I can only assume that you get some
      sort of thrill from such encounters, and as an existentialist wish you
      well with your burden, though I personally consider it nothing short
      of an addicition to stupidity and prejudice presenting some rather
      nasty symptomatic self-justification on the basis of weakness and
      pain.You are not a tough cookie, but rather more a nasty child with a
      penchant for provocation that borders on a psychological

      Bob.. Fascinating analysis of ones brain....

      Given that English is my second language I really think it
      is more than fair for me to criticize your undiplomatic usage, but
      then I am rather more cosmopolitan and should laugh you off, and
      probably would if you only presented yourself with little less
      self-importance.Ooops I forgot to think twice before hitting
      send.There you have it.

      Bob. This is Interesting. All Smart Humans make a judgment if they are
      smarter than others.
      I am sure both tc and Louie think they are smarter than most Humans.
      Self-importance. I would love to hear that word defined, but I would say my
      emotional response (I have heard the term) is that.
      a. Louise Seems to have more self importance
      b. tc seems to be trying for a more strict sense of understand and would
      view himself naturally as less self-important.
      Conclusion. I have not had time to read all the posts of those I so
      callously opine about.
      This is just an emotional feel from what I have read of both.... I am sure
      you all care deeply.


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