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  • louise
    Aug 21, 2005
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      at least i'm used to you and your thoughtless motive-attributing
      insults by now, so they glance off. yes indeed, i am most
      political. i do examine myself, with religious devotion, however,
      or you might say Nietzschean intellectual conscience, as to any self-
      deception. i could be wrong, indeed, but i believe that one reason
      i can hardly think at all about African politics is because it is so
      intensely distressing, and, as it seems to me, on account of - as I
      have stated before at this room, a too-rapid withdrawal from
      Empire. the so-called revolutions of the modern age, from the
      regicidal French tyrannies onward, are certainly mixed as to degree
      of benefit and loss sustained by oppressed classes, but the net
      effect looks evident from where i stand - sometimes an arguable
      good, and often a catastrophe. thus i tend to see these revolutions
      as evolutions in disguise. this is my point. until we have a truly
      new way of thinking, instead of humanistic paradigms dependent on
      closeness to or opposition toward institutional religious system, we
      have no revolution based in justice and equity.

      ok, i grant that you are functioning on too little sleep, and that
      English is your second language. your general habit of attack,
      however, is something i think i am entitled to point out. there was
      a time when it harmed me, and it may still harm others.

      you're entitled to be cosmopolitan. another ontical description,
      one i think parochial. we can disagree. or, at least, i assert
      that i disagree with you. i am a British patriot, and why you think
      that parochial is quite beyond me. it is also, of course, a
      description in the ontical domain. philosophising is intricate and
      cumulative - i stand by my entire oeuvre at existlist, uneven as it
      is. there is only one sentence i have ever written here which gave
      me a feeling of shame subsequently, for i realised i had ventured
      outside my proper field of competence, and been too positivistic.
      again and again i say the same truth, in Kierkegaardian repetition:
      persistence is all. if you don't want to read, click on 'next
      message', etc. or fire off another broadside if you want.


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      > "that's a very parochial reply."
      > I must be bored this morning, or perhaps it is because this is the
      > first morning in several weeks that I have arisen to face the day
      > more than three hours sleep. If I am "parochial"; in comparison one
      > could only define you as "hyper-super-duper-extra-parochial". In a
      > sense such hyperbole would make the word meaningless in normal
      > realize you fancy yourself as poetic, and on such grounds would
      > dismiss yourself from sensible responsibility in ordinary
      > but there is a rather serpentine nasty turn to every comment you
      > here, depending of course on one's perspective and life experience.
      > That indeed characterizes nearly everything you write here as
      > parochial. There is no contributor on this list more political than
      > you. Unfortunately Louise you are neither iconoclastic nor
      > cosmopolitan in any real sense of the words so you come off most
      > here as a vapid and cruel mixer.I can only assume that you get some
      > sort of thrill from such encounters, and as an existentialist wish
      > well with your burden, though I personally consider it nothing
      > of an addicition to stupidity and prejudice presenting some rather
      > nasty symptomatic self-justification on the basis of weakness and
      > pain.You are not a tough cookie, but rather more a nasty child
      with a
      > penchant for provocation that borders on a psychological
      > disturbance.Given that English is my second language I really
      think it
      > is more than fair for me to criticize your undiplomatic usage, but
      > then I am rather more cosmopolitan and should laugh you off, and
      > probably would if you only presented yourself with little less
      > self-importance.Ooops I forgot to think twice before hitting
      > send.There you have it.
      > tc
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