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  • louise
    Aug 20, 2005
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      Mostly we are too spiritually weak, in the West, to make atonement
      in the right way. Even on this list, I think the casual talk about
      politics, which I fought and fought against, within myself, not to
      rest in similar insouciance, and I think I lost that battle,
      briefly, yes even on this list the casual is horror. Kierkegaard
      cannot be understood without appreciating that. The most profound
      philosophers are realists. Whether they be intellectuals grave and
      sober, or sensualists who smell the blood, they know evil when they
      see it. So what I'm saying is that, if I were spiritually robust
      enough, I would be wearing sackcloth and ashes right now. Sick at
      what my country is a party to. I have read virtually nothing of
      what Sartre and de Beauvoir had to say. They seem to me singularly
      unlikely to provide any solutions that bear on contemporary
      politics, if what I have seen posted here is anything to go by.
      Mass carnage and mass distraction, the standard material of our
      information outlets, it is all an almost incredible aberration.
      Until that is felt, and believed, useful revolution as opposed to
      coffee-shop debates is unlikely to occur. And I for one cannot
      think of a single twentieth century revolution I could
      call 'useful'. Reading, thinking, waiting, dancing. I don't know
      what else there is to do.

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