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  • louise
    Aug 18, 2005
      Why is it so widely assumed that hurting others can be judged by the
      gauge of feeling??

      Is it not the case that most hurt is done in this world by people
      feeling good about themselves, approving their own motives, enjoying
      the backing of majorities, or powerful minorities??

      Dialectic, at the level of the individual, consists in a dialogue
      with oneself. The discovery of absolute subjective truth, in
      consequence of feeling and understanding, at war. What we don't
      want to know is what we usually most need to know. It may be
      unsociable to harangue others with unwanted or incomprehensible
      knowledge, yet on what authority does anyone declare 'sick' those
      who state their worlds of vision in manner discomfiting the
      satisfied majority. Satisfied, that is, with their own 'wellness'.
      Should not theoretic ethics include a sense of responsibility about
      the very categories of health and illness, when applied in the realm
      of ideas and other mental constructs?

      ... nooist student
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