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35705who chooses what?

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  • louise
    Aug 1, 2005
      If I go along sleepily to the supermarket and choose between two
      purchases, maybe very similar, perhaps American-style four cheese
      pizza or Italian-style margerita pizza, I am almost certainly
      functioning purely in the ontical domain. The criteria concern
      sense-perception and practicality. Will my husband and I like the
      taste of this? Can this be baked in the kind of traditional oven
      (as opposed to microwave type) that we have in our kitchen?

      My long experience of watching the political scene in UK, though I
      have read and, barely, participated, as an amateur and an outsider,
      leaves me with the impression that choices at election time are made
      very much in this spirit. The politicians here, echoed or sometimes
      influenced by the journalists and broadcasters, nearly as much in
      the US, by now, advertise their wares. What they have to sell are
      policies. I really do not see the ontological difference in what is
      going on here by comparison with the rhetoric and video propaganda
      of a Goebbels. The vilified or downgraded or ignored classes of
      people are different, and more concealed in subtle psychological
      manner - except with some notable exceptions, I suppose - yet the
      principle of setting aside ontological considerations in favour of
      ontical, is the same. Honour cannot be bought or sold. It lies in
      the ontological domain. Tax policies can be bought or sold. This
      should not be so, yet it is so, because the average voter is not
      philosophically sophisticated. A tax policy - indeed the entire
      banking policy of a nation - should be a matter of honour. But it
      is not. We are stuck with our ontical choices, in the modern form
      of democracy. Politicians offering us goods for sale - "just like
      selling soap powder", in the words of the rock singer. Of course,
      many people abstain from voting, in disgust, or weariness, or else
      knowingly and with a feeling of sickness vote tactically, yet no-one
      has come up with a better system. For that, we need a new way of
      thinking, that can be practised in some form by the many. So that's
      what I think. How about you??