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35686Re: [existlist] Re: Was Kierkeggard involved in the end my relationship?

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  • eduard at home
    Aug 1, 2005
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      Which only confirms my point. Relationships are not about domination ... at least the better of them which tend to last. A good relationship requires a certain degree of reciprocity, and I think that women are better at this than men. Which is not to say that man don't bend, but women are inclined to bend more. Afterall, if they didn't the whole of human reproduction would be put in jeopardy.

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      > As to relationships, my opinion is that men don't get into relationships
      > like women do. They don't give themselves up to the same degree.
      > eduard

      which doesn't seem to stop many men from wanting to control, dominate,
      call the shots, endorse asymmetrical relationships, and form strong
      versions of patriarchies that by law exclude women from competition &
      participation in what is really socially important. <g>


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