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  • nothing@theabsurd.com
    Sep 6, 2001
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      > the "fact" is what the author puts forth as
      > his/her opinion. You may wish to make an
      > interpretation of this opinion or accept/reject it
      > outright. But ultimately, one has to come the
      > point of recognizing that this opinion is
      > something which is attached to the author. >>

      I find this a claustrophobic situation, limiting, and horrifically
      disinteresting. If this were made law, I would never read again.

      > I do not disagree with the idea that one should
      > get to know the author. >>

      I do. I don't see the point or benefit. Except in satisfying an
      interest or curiosity -- if you have it.

      > But the tangent that we got on, was that there could never
      > be an understanding, because instead we would be
      > too busy trying to find out more and more about
      > the mystery. This leads to absurdity.

      There is nothing wrong with admitting to the impossible.

      What I think many fail with and why they continually search to
      something else is that they find their perspective and interest not
      good enough and not well justified on its own. For some reason
      it needs validation. Validation can be saught by capturing what
      the author meant as that is the ultimate is it not? I suggest it isn't.
      And I suggest I can add far more to a work without the limitation
      of the author as 'god' having devine right over meaning.

      I think the need for security in 'vision' is what forces so many to
      find an umbrella...and there consistently miss the joys of the

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