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3556RE: [existlist] Re: the mystery shuts up, and can see and hear no more...

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  • Eduard Alf
    Sep 5, 2001
      hi james,

      << there are no facts, only interpretations>>

      the "fact" is what the author puts forth as
      his/her opinion. You may wish to make an
      interpretation of this opinion or accept/reject it
      outright. But ultimately, one has to come the
      point of recognizing that this opinion is
      something which is attached to the author. It is
      the author's opinion and on that basis can be
      taken to be a "fact". The discussion had gotten
      off onto a tangent, in trying to focus upon some
      "mystery" behind the fact or perhaps some yet
      unknown characteristic of the author which may
      help us to understand this "fact".

      I do not disagree with the idea that one should
      get to know the author. This may indeed be
      beneficial understanding facts/opinions that may
      be stated in the form of parables. But the
      tangent that we got on, was that there could never
      be an understanding, because instead we would be
      too busy trying to find out more and more about
      the mystery. This leads to absurdity.

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