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3532Re: [existlist] Re: snails bow wow...elephants chirp

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  • gamine22@aol.com
    Sep 4, 2001
      In a message dated 9/3/01 8:00:32 PM, nothing@... writes:

      << Quite often I learn either by writing or discussing. If I feel I gain
      something from my own meditations, are you suggesting I am deceiving
      myself? (I can't really argue the point that I wouldn't be anyway.)
      Limiting it to gain only from another source sort-a saps the internal
      mechanism, eh? >>

      surely you can gain from yourself as well as gain from others. just because
      you have some added depth from another's perspective does not mean that you
      cannot speculate or develop upon your own ideas at the same time. i suppose i
      did not make my statement clear enough. there is always original thought, it
      cannot be helped. yet, suppose you read a poem plus an additional author's
      interpretation. not only would you gain the added insight of the author, but
      you would also retain your own first impressions and then further developed
      thoughts upon reading the addtional interpretation.

      consequently, one can gain from another's knowledge by choosing to oppose it.
      for example, take the knowledge of hitler. entire civilizations are
      benefitted by the knowledge that genicide is not and will not be tolerated.
      the knowledge of hitler, his theories, and his added insight on those
      theories all help us to understand and further see the wrong in his actions
      and visions.

      without the knowledge of others we could all certainly think and move forward
      in life. we would be able to function normally and discover theories of our
      own. yet, with the knowledge of others our own knowledge only expands,
      picking and choosing what we accept, reject, and feel indifference too. the
      thoughts of others build within us character and intellect, compounded with
      our own original foundations.

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