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  • Mary Jo Malo
    Jul 3, 2005
      Gotta love this planning as well.


      But at least there's nothing nuclear in the reports. That should make
      our sick Gulf War vets feel better. Over the years, Independence Day
      has lost some of its lustre. On balance however, it's still better to
      be here than there.


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      > On Jul 01, 2005, at 20:55, Bob Keyes wrote:
      > > True mary, a biological weapon is much more dangerous. The
      Israelis are
      > > working on poisions that will only kill Arabs....
      > Of course, a major problem with the above statement is that
      Israelis of
      > semitic heritage are nearly identical to their Arabian *semitic*
      > neighbors. Not to mention that fact Arab-Israelis in the parliament
      > have been on the intelligence panel.
      > A further complication is that nearly a third of Israeli citizens
      > from non-semitic backgrounds and lack a demonstrable genetic link
      > the region. Israeli law gives citizenship to any person of Jewish
      > faith, including converts. Also, it gives residency to any Arab-
      > with a historical link to the territory but willing to disavow
      > and work within the Israeli state.
      > I cannot envision a biological agent able to determine ones faith,
      > since that's the only true link among all Jewish Israeli citizens.
      I am
      > certain my mutt heritage leaves me barely semitic at all.
      > This sort of nonsense is why people still read and believe the
      > of Zion.
      > Israel has low-level, medium-range nuclear fusion weapons,
      according to
      > Jane's. The benefits of nuclear weapons without the nasty
      > after-effects. Oh, yes, that's the type of reactor core we'll be
      > building in France -- which is also wanting to help Iran with a
      > reactor. Gotta love the planning there.
      > - CSW
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      > that I shall be.
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