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35260RE: [existlist] the absurd

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  • Aija Veldre Beldavs
    Jul 1, 2005
      > Fear of Death for Sure is a Factor in why they do that.
      > Why they Fear Death is Biological( Speculation of course)
      > Bob...

      > Emile Cioran from The Heights of Despair:
      > "When all the current reasons---moral, aesthetic, religious, social, and so
      > on---no longer guide one's life, how can one sustain life without succumbing
      > to nothingness? Only by a connection with the absurd, by love of absolute
      > uselessness, loving something which does not have substance but which
      > simulates an illusion of life."

      > Not even the absurd helps if you love your life and its about to end. Then
      > you have to trick yourself like Plato and Kant [and so many others] with
      > philosophy or religion.
      > george

      yes, hardwired fear of death/oblivion/the end implies there is an opposite
      alternative - immortality or transformation out of the present state into
      another, an ongoing process. the truth of the second is speculation,
      inference, belief.

      what's wrong with working with what life one has, the only one that is
      important right now?

      i happen to get more of a sense of empowerement & satisfaction by doing
      some small thing that makes a big difference to someone else than by
      pushing someone around or beating him up & i'm a physical person, former
      athlete, who enjoys limited conflict, challenge, the excitement of the
      chase as long as they are games & roleplaying & sports, not bloodletting
      for real, making others suffer for real, war, which is a game only to the
      seriously deluded, the very young, or those who have a more
      testosterone-befuddled mind than is good for the survival of humanity.

      people have a choice to play games or not and they know the rules, but
      most people are unwilling participants & victims of war, which mostly is
      deficient on reasonable rules, frequently falls into anything goes, and
      generally makes no sense. most people would like a less destructive way
      of solving problems. if a critical number of nations & peoples would try
      harder to solve the problems of energy and resource division without war,
      it is scientifically possible.

      btw if you've seen it, what do you think of the Japanese movie Battle

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