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  • Ryan Dewald
    Aug 31, 2001
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      If I may weigh in on this. The organizational structure of the Third Reich
      was, as we all have been told a gazillion times, fascist. We have also been
      told as many times that fascism is evil. I'll leave the judgement up to
      each of us, but I do think that I can make a case for stating that fascism,
      and therefore Hitler's Reich are in conflict with the notion of successful
      existential fruition, as a person, as an individual.

      The Third Reich co-opted Nietche and Hegel to do away with concepts of
      social propriety that would otherwise have militated against singling out
      races and classes and systematically killing them. However the Reich did
      not grant individuals the same liberty to devine their own path and value
      system. In fact such individuality was vigorously opposed.

      Ironically, when a person is subject to such a regime, and that regime
      collapses, s/he is faced very prominently with the reality that their
      leadership and values are vacuuous and often existential crisis ensues.

      I wonder what the best overarching governing structure would be for a nation
      of existentialists. Anarchy is a clear favorite. What about democratic
      capitalism? In such a regime, one has a lot of freedom to evade dominant
      social norms. However the possibility for mob-rule are high (and proven
      frequently in the U.S.)

      Anyway, sorry if that's entirely off-topic, but it came to mind and I had a
      need to express. I'm new to the group too. So "hello everyone!" I look
      forward to reading the dialogue.


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      From: William Harris [mailto:bhvwd@...]
      Subject: Re: [existlist] Re: I'll have fries and a
      side of
      existentialism with that...

      Eduard, Certainly the US was not beaten in Viet
      Nam as badly as was
      Germany in WW2. Hitler was an Iron cross awarded
      vet of a defeated army.
      Viet era vets here suffer a particular
      degredation even within the service
      itself. They are not trusted and are often
      excluded. It must be particurally
      galling to preform admirably under fire and then
      be ostrasized for it. That
      negativism flowered brutally in the brown shirts.
      Hitler was actually
      rebelling against the colonial powers of Europe.
      He was trying something new,
      but he was very embittered and the hate and
      negativity flowerd along with
      his movement. Viet vets have seething resentments
      here. With forecasts of
      world wide economic downturn, they could become a
      strident voice at the core
      of a new constituancy. Old warriors are not
      frightened by words, they have
      gone far beyond them befor. Bille
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