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34453A living cog

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  • bhvwd
    Jun 2, 2005
      Louise, I am in the throes of adopting your nonparticipation in
      politics and civil affairs. I am not the kind to be entrusted with
      power, I might use it. Like Trinidad I have little trust for the
      powers that be, their legimitacy or historical primacy. It is a game
      of raw power and I am too old for such muscular event. As Eduard has
      stated, modern bureaucracys are loath to react.So why force their
      hand? As the band says"All in all your just another brick in the
      Were I young and still thought my caring would matter , revolution
      against this facade of orderly coercion would seem the only rational
      course. Now ,I would not lead a dog much less an insurrection. What
      lies behind and that which seems probable ahead are of sufficient
      surity as to allow me to mesh quietly into sequence. I will grind it
      out with little sound and even less fury. My contempories ask why I
      do not retire but I have had my hands in luke warm puke so long that I
      hardly notice the stench. Please remind me should I begin to creak
      then cover me in the lubrication and bahlm of uncaring. Bill