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33588Power death

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  • bhvwd
    Apr 1 7:23 AM
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      The schivo debacle was not an ethical argument nor a medical
      argument. It was a struggle over power and jurisdiction. It was a
      contest between the American jurisprudance system and cannon law of
      the roman church. Side players bellied up for a chance at the scraps
      but the main course was held and digested by the American judicary.
      Rome is rebuffed, the protestant right is set into its place and as
      the people of the world see the situation with greater calm they
      will understand that the power to die is still personal.
      As existentialists our endless battle against bullying collectives
      is given a boost. Rome is a mad dictatorship who wishes to rule us
      all. It is a bit better organised than the protestant right and as
      we play them off against each other our advantage is gained by their
      destruction. At the moment this is an idea contest between the
      pragmatists and the mystacists. I think I see who has the
      advantage here if we can keep it to words. Again in this light the
      judicary has upheld its duty to uphold law and order. I am not bold
      enough to suggest federal marshals should be sent to churches to
      enforce common law. I think that result will be slowly undertaken by
      public opinion and legislative caveat.
      Then again the mass of christanity finds itself facing the loss of
      two arch conservative magnates. Falwell and the pope are on the
      ropes and even though the organisations will garnish attention at
      their passing chances are younger and less rigid sorts may come to
      the fore. Eithr way we will be waiting, ready to defend our personal
      liberties and ideas against the power blocks that will reform .It is
      what we do while we wait to die. Bill
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