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  • gina goia
    Mar 2, 2005
      "Philosophy appears to some people as a homogenous milieu:there
      thoughts are born and die,there systems are built and there,in
      turn,they collapse.Others take Philosophy for a specific attitude
      which we can freely adopt at will.Still,others see it as a
      determined segment of culture.In our view Philosophy does not
      exist."(Sartre,Search for a Method,1960). ---
      HUIS CLOS(No Exit),Sartre's act play:there are only four
      characters:the Valet,Garcin,Estelle,Inez,and the entire play takes
      place in a drawing room,Second Empire style,with a massive bronze
      ornament on the mantelpiece.However the piece contains essentials
      germs of existentialist thoughts such as "hell is other people",no
      comments!...as you read the play,put yourself in that drawing room
      with two people you "hate"most:"straw person"
      and "dumbkoft"...enjoy!...(there will be:a traitor,a lesbian,a
      nymphomaniac,you,"straw person" and "dumbkoft"!)no
      comments!...In "Being and Nothingness" Sartre argued that an
      individual must detach oneself from things to give them
      meaning.Also "man is not the sum of what he has but the totality of
      what he does not yet have,of what he might have
      (Sartre,"Situation",1947)...A general point of view,and
      a "Sartre,s"piece of work:"Nobody is better qualified than the
      commercial traveller over there to sell Swan toothpaste.Nobody is
      better qualified than that interesting young man to fumble about
      under his neighbour,s skirts.And I am among them and if they look at
      me they must think that nobody is better qualified than I do to what
      I do.But I know,I don't look very important,but I know that I exists
      and that they exists.And if I knew the art of convincing people ,I
      should explain to him what existence is.The thought of the look
      which would come on to his face if I did makes me burst out laughing.
      (LA NAUSEE,1938,Sartre,biensure!)-no comments! In
      existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@m...> wrote:
      > Louise, I am beginning to think we have a concerted campaign to
      > interrupt, derail, and obstruct this site. It all began with the
      > time of the infamous mark and continues today with a never ending
      > parade of bible pounders, spammers, and posters of limited or no
      > value.Other sites and operations on the net seem relatively clean
      > and functional but this site is always encumbered by problems
      > always spring from short term members who seem to have angendae
      > quite separate from existentialism.
      > Why would one come on board speaking pidgeon english and then
      > start quoting complex and obscure sources?
      > I think you are often erager to correspond with new posters with
      > the faith they are in good faith. I like to read them for a good
      > deal of time and then I may attack their logic or sources
      > The terrible quality of new members posts, their irritatingly
      > nonconsistant use of language and their cirtuatous return to
      > religion brings me to believe we deal with a cabal of straw
      > Were the characters interestingly drawn or their thought processes
      > clear or reasonable I would not care but these dumbkofts write
      > without talent or inspiration.
      > Our histories are matters of long record and should they care,
      > newbie can glean our overall view of philosophy. I think newbies
      > should give us some synopsis of their philosophical stance before
      > accept and respond to off the street conversations from them. I
      > no longer respond to mangled english, bible quotes,and other long
      > lifts of generally extraneous materials.
      > If they can`t write they do not belong here, If they can`t be
      > when they know nothing of existentialism, they do not belong
      > I would rather post to a pole than absorb a fool. Bill
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