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  • Siobhan
    Feb 28, 2005

      It really was an encouraging article. Even this day's events in
      Lebanon, Israel & Iraq indicate we are moving further towards
      daylight in such a dark and violent time, even amidst increasing
      horrors. I don't think even the existentialist writers would condone
      the senseless terrorism in our world. It's one thing to argue about
      which economic or political system is most efficacious, but it's
      quite another to embrace anarchy, a direction with no practical aim
      for the future. What do the madmen wish to create? Nothing.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@m...>
      > Friedman , of the NYT, is not known for his acceptance of
      > conservative positions, but even he sees hope beginning to shine
      > the bloodbath of the middle east.
      > I speak about this because the wars for resources are clearly the
      > most critical issues for mankind in this early part of this new
      > century. This is about the further ascendance of modern man or a
      > regression to atrophied systems of a millenia ago.
      > This problem,its myriad of factional sub units, and its free flow
      > progression of situation, is the greatest challenge of modern
      > philosophy we have witnessed since the decision to affront National
      > Socialism in the 1940`s.
      > It`s resolution is still in the balance but Friedman thinks the
      > situation has tipped in a positive way. The fulcrum concept in
      > densly complex situation is the primacy of progressive thought over
      > the doctrines of ancient systems.
      > As in the fortys the adversary protrayed himself as revolutionary
      > and progressive in rectifying social ills visted on vast numbers
      > of people. The Weimar Republic was as easy a target for Hitler as
      > are the corrupt governments of the mid east.Ben Laudin`s call for
      > social change drew great praise from progressive factions of many
      > creeds.Many considered wahaabism as a necessary reaction of islam
      > to social oppression and western colonialism.At one point Joeseph
      > Kennedy considered Hitler a necessary reaction to injustice visited
      > upon the Germain people by WW1.This recent conflict was
      > by ancient divisions of christianity and islam and in the western
      > world bitter debate as to social policy regarding energy .In an
      > unexpected alliance of strange bedfellows , christian, progressive
      > environmentalists embraced the islamic radical factions. Then all
      > was turned over by 911 as the invasion of Poland by Hitler
      > startled the world into realisation of new common cause. Now as
      > some few still cling to causalities born of faded illusions ,
      > politics and dogma.They should be reasoned into acceptance of the
      > path of better reality.Still this is a contest of ideas, not
      > bullets, hope not religous worship and survival not endless
      > destruction.Now we should join to finish the job of revamping the
      > corrupt governments of the old islamic world. The quicker we all
      > demand peaceful inclusion of all middle eastern peoples in
      > democracys of their own fashioning, the sooner all can abandon the
      > persistant fear of endless terrorism.There is money and markets a
      > plenty if resources are allocated with fairness and discretion.
      > I think we should all consider this necessity of adoption of the
      > endless orphans of compromise this situations demands.The
      > must allow for a future for all of rational purpose.Bill
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